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Tadpoles Childcare has been caring for our 3 children throughout the last 5 years.   The teachers at Tadpoles are professional but also very caring and that is so important for us as parents. We can honestly say that Tadpoles has and continues to have such a positive influence on our children's' development, not only have they gained social skills they have also helped us as parents prepare them for the wider world and the rigours of primary school. We feel confident that our children are in a safe and positive environment. We would highly recommend Tadpoles to other parents.  

Leanne Dillon- Rush

 I am delighted to recommend Tadpoles Childcare and its superb staff to any parent. When we were looking for childcare for our little boy in September 2012, we sought a crèche that was small enough to be personal, but large enough to be professional, with caring and genuine staff whom we felt we could trust.

The carers in Tadpoles are exceptionally good. From day one, they extended a warmth and kindness towards our son and ourselves, and we realised we’d found a very special group of people to help us care for our son. We trust them and know they will always do their best for our little boy. It was also important to find childcare with a focus on childrens’ health, their mental and emotional well-being, as well as paediatric first aid.

Having started in the Wobbler room, our son was introduced to the Toddler room at a pace that worked for him. He has so much fun and many friends in the Toddler room under the watchful eye of qualified carers he has come to love. The structure, variety, and stability of his day seems to be just right for his needs, and he is genuinely very happy there.

I have always gotten a full and detailed run-down of his day from the staff, including any problems or concerns they had. I feel that this shows his carers to be knowledgeable and attentive, in addition to being capable and friendly. Over the months, we have gotten to know a lot of the rest of staff, and find them time after time to be hardworking, caring, and genuine women.

When our new baby arrived in June 2013, the carers were supportive towards us as parents, and more importantly towards our little boy as he changed from only child to big brother. We are very glad to have found this wonderful place, and look forward to raising our boys with the help of the people at Tadpoles Childcare.

Nicola Mc Kenna- Lusk

Having researched many montessories in the Lusk and Rush area, we decided to place our two children in Tadpoles

We found Tadpoles had a structured timetable for each class, along with transparent polocies and procedures.  Tadpoles have a secure building (with outside enclosed play area) and also strict collection policies where my children would be kept safe.

Our eldest child started in the Wobblers and Toddlers room and each day we would get a written report on her day including any nappy changes and food eaten.  She subsequently moved up to Montessori 1 and then Montessori 2 room and still remembers her time there fondly. Our second child still attends Tadpoles and absolutely loves it.  Every day is different and each week has a different theme which is shown on a notice board every monday morning.

The teachers at Tadpoles are friendly and professional and in my experience have always encouraged and taken a real interest in our childrens learning. Ruth and Andrea who run Tadpoles have always had an 'open door' attitude to us as parents and have welcomed us any time with or without appointments.  When we have needed advice or questions answered over the years, they have always been very thorough and sound and nothing is ever a bother to them.

We would absolutely recommend Tadpoles to any Mummys and Daddys.   

Alison and John Byrne-Lusk

Who’s going to mind our precious miracle once maternity leave is up? It is a question facing the majority of families these days, and a question that we needed to answer a few months ago. Neither of us had family close by so the debate crèche or child minder began. Having investigated both we came to a very easy decision – Tadpoles was the place we wanted David to go. The warm welcome from staff and the happy faces of the children welcomed me when I went to have a look around, the rainbow of colours scattered across the entire walls from the art work from all the children from babies up. When the time came to leave in David [6½ months old], the tears were completely one sided – mine!!

Now 3 months on we cannot believe our luck in getting him into Tadpoles, the excitement on his face and his little squeals of delight each and every morning when the intercom is rang alerts the staff to his arrival and gives great relief to us as parents that he is happy and wants to be there. Thankfully in the evening his delight in seeing me equals the morning excitement! The care and attention he receives is second to none – soon he will be teaching us the nursery rhymes and his art work adorns the walls of his bedroom at home. His understanding and engagement in his environment is second to none and is primarily due to the constant stimulation he gets in Tadpoles.

The staff are fantastic, always friendly and happy never too busy to answer the phone just to put my mind at rest that he’s doing fine. Keeping up the routine David has at home eased the transition from home to crèche and we keep it up at weekends. If David is having an “off day” I know he gets loads of cuddles and I can go to work safe in the knowledge that he is loved there and should they need me for anything they will pick up the phone and ring. As a parent nothing matters more than to know my child is happy and well cared for, Tadpoles tick all these boxes, its home from home.

Linda Fitzpatrick- Rush