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Baby Room 3 months- 1yr approx

We understand that leaving your baby with any carer can be a difficult and stressful time for parents. We aim to make this process as easy as possible on parents and babies by providing a long settling in process. Once babies and parents have settled in we aim to provide your baby with lots of love, stimulation and quality care. We follow each baby’s routine at home and work alongside parents to develop good feeding and sleeping routines. Any needs or special requests are accommodated. Our baby room is filled with all the toys and equipment essential for babies to learn and explore guided by our caring staff.

Wobbler Room 1yr- 2yrs approx

With our wobbler room attached and visible for babies from the baby room our babies love watching the wobblers engaged in different activities and often indicate themselves that they want to join the stimulating fun filled activities in the wobbler room providing a smooth transition between the rooms. The wobbler room and activities are specifically designed around a wobblers need for experimentation and exploration. Our wobblers enjoy lots of fun and messy sensorial activities such as jelly play, painting, waterplay, glupe and playdough. They also love story and music time and outdoor time spent either in our triple buggies or in our play area. Staff work with parents to establish well structured meal and sleep routines while still allowing flexibility for individual needs.

Toddler Room 2-3 yrs approx

Children enjoy being kept very busy in our toddler room with a more structured environment whilst still allowing plenty of time for free play. As toddlers needs and interests grow they participate in a vast array of fun and stimulating activities from painting, colouring, gluing, sandplay, baking, show and tell, singing, music and movement to an introduction to pre Montessori equipment and materials. Children love role play, having stories read to them and dress up at this age and they get plenty of opportunity to enjoy the garden and outside activity on the climbing frame. Children learn many new skills in the toddler room including mastering toilet training.

Montessori Yr 1 & 2 2.5 yrs- 5 yrs approx

Montessori is a teaching technique used to develop a child’s awareness in the areas of practical life, sensorial, language, maths and culture. Montessori is an interactive experience where children learn through their senses in a fun and practical way. We have two separate Montessori classes to be able to provide year 1 and year 2 of Montessori for children who may not go to school until they are 5 years. Our Montessori curriculums and activities are based on the frameworks of Siolta and Aistear where children can become competent and confident learners using the 4 main themes- explaining and thinking , identity and belonging, well being and communicating. At the end of Montessori children will have acquired many new skills such as knowing the alphabet, recognising sounds and numbers, being able to write their own name, they will have an understanding of the world around them, it’s different cultures and will have improved their social skills. These new skills lay the foundations for a successful transition to big school!


Our afterschoolers like to be seen as very different and distinct from the rest of the crèche and therefore have their own chill out room which they retire to after their supervised homework time. The afterschooler programme includes lots of extracurricular activities such as music, cookery, art and craft projects, science experiments, computers, free play and many group games and activities. Children have their hot dinner and their tea in the afternoon. We do lots of outings with the afterschoolers to local playgrounds, the library and local places of interest. We also run breakfast club in the morning and collect from the local schools in the afternoon.